SS 1023B (Statistical Concepts) / SS 2037B (Statistics for Health) - Winter term

Description: an examination of statistical issues aiming towards statistical literacy and appropriate interpretation of statistical information. Common misconceptions will be targeted. Assessment of the validity and treatment of results in popular and scientific media. Conceptual consideration of study design, numerical and graphical data summaries, probability, sampling

variability, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests.

SS 3860B Generalized Linear Models / SS 9155B Statistical Modelling II - Winter term

Description: in this course we use the R statistical software package to study both applied and theoretical aspects of different extensions to the linear regression model framework. Course topics include: logistic regression, Poisson log-linear models, contingency tables, multinomial regression, mixed effect models, and nonparametric regression. Additional topics may include generalized additive models, trees and neural networks as time allows.

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