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Software developed by myself, trainees, and/or collaborators:

  • BayesCPclust: a method that aims to estimate the change points in constant-wise data sequences while simultaneously performing clustering. A Gibbs sampler algorithm was developed to estimate the number of clusters, cluster assignments, number of change points, their positions, and constant levels -

  • vbaft: an alternative approach to MCMC methods to infer the parameters of the log-logistic AFT model via a mean-field variational Bayes (VB) algorithm. A piecewise approximation technique is embedded in deriving the VB algorithm to achieve conjugacy -

  • Epiclomal: a complete framework that includes pre-processing, data simulator, different clustering methods, and visualization tools for single-cell DNA methylation

  • aggrmodel: R package to fit functional aggregated data models

  • RMLPCA: R package to perform maximum likelihood principal component analysis

      available on R CRAN and also at

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